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PSC to Hold Hearing on Xcel Power Outages

The North Dakota Public Service Commission plans to hold a hearing in early August to learn more about the causes of recent power outages in Xcel Energy's service territory in Fargo. Xcel has recently invested $30 million in electricity reliability service improvements. Even with the recent outages,... Read more

Investigation Ongoing in Williston Oilfield Services Fire

Federal officials have joined state and local officials to further investigate the fire and explosion that occurred on Tuesday at Red River Supply - an oilfield services company located in Williston. Officials are monitoring air quality and overseeing the clean-up efforts, which could take weeks. The... Read more

State-Owned Power Plant Receives Grant to Study Uses for Excess Capacity

The Agricultural Products Utilization Commission has awarded a grant to the Red River Regional Council to study whether excess capacity at a state-owned power plant in Grafton can be successfully utilized to support a proposed greenhouse and other industrial energy park projects. The plant is located... Read more

Federal Rules on Rail Transport Open for Comment

The federal Department of Transportation released proposed regulations for comment this week regarding rail car requirements and safety guidelines for the transport of certain types of flammable liquids, including petroleum and ethanol. Industry officials, Senators Hoeven and Heitmamp and Governor Dalrymple... Read more

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