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Vision West ND launches community engagement tool

A new website has been launched in North Dakota, aimed at community engagement and gathering ideas for the future planning of the state. The website, called Vision West ND, is made up of a consortium of 19 North Dakota Counties, the Three Affliated Tribes, regional councils, energy associations and educational institutions. Because of the dramatic growth in the western part of the state, the region is using this tool to address infrastructure needs, economic development and sustainability.

The website uses MindMixer as its platform, which allows for citizens to register and input their ideas on how to improve their communities. The venture is part of a larger program – Vision West ND Regional Sustainability Planning – which is funded through a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development grant, the North Dakota Energy Infrastructure and Impact Fund, and local donations.

See the Vision West ND website for more information on their consortium and project.

Read the Reuters article on the launch of the Vision West ND community engagement website.

Visit the Vision West ND MindMixer website and sign up to share your ideas.

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