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Annual Report

Thank you for checking out the latest edition of the Great Plains Energy Corridor’s Spotlight on North Dakota Energy!

Energy in North Dakota is never dull. Each year brings exciting new projects, the latest and greatest innovations, game-changing industry collaborations, and a healthy “onward!” attitude of which we North Dakotans are so proud. In 2016, energy companies added more than 850 MW of wind power to the grid, finished peaking plant expansions, put new natural gas processing plants into service, and the list goes on. As you flip through these pages, you will see updates on each of the state’s energy sectors, and, new to this issue, an overview of research projects undertaken by the state’s energy producers to advance carbon dioxide capture technology.

The Great Plains Energy Corridor, housed at Bismarck State College’s National Energy Center of Excellence, works with partners in government, education and the private sector to promote and enhance North Dakota’s energy development. Together we provide information, education, outreach programs and special events on a wide range of energy topics. Peruse this website to find more detailed information about what you see in this booklet.

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We’d like to extend our sincere appreciation to the organizations that helped provide up-to-date information for this year’s Spotlight on North Dakota Energy.

View the PDF of the Spotlight on North Dakota Energy 2016