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President Bill Clinton at ARPA-E

If you were following my Twitter feed, maybe you saw that President Clinton spoke at the conference I attended. The room was packed with about 3,000 people and the wall in the back lined with video cameras. There was a lot of excitement in the air and lots  of “official” looking people rushing around. It was fun to be a part of it all.

Some highlights I gleaned from President Clinton’s speech:

There are many young people, and many non-college educated and underemployed people who don’t understand what the impact of the clean energy economy could have on their futures.

Clinton said that the Keystone XL pipeline should be embraced, and POLITICO did a good write-up here of his comments.

He spent a lot of time on energy efficiency, calling it a low-hanging fruit in need of federal policy. Which reminds me that he talked about the retrofit of the Empire State Building, cutting its utility bills by 40 percent.

He also had an interesting idea for transmission issues – creating an infrastructure bank. Government could get it started and corporations would be allowed to contribute and even repatriate their money from oversees and see returns from this bank.

Greentechmedia did a good wrap-up of Clinton’s speech here.

And the biggest highlight, a couple of notable shout-outs to North Dakota! First he talked about our oil boom and low unemployment rate, then later was a mention of our huge potential for wind power. You can bet that I was fist-bumping the air from my seat!

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