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State and federal energy policy run the gamut from tax incentives on the state level to a federal renewable fuels standard.  As an energy rich state, North Dakota has a vested interest in state, federal and international energy policies and also the energy policies of states which are home to our export markets for electricity and other energy production.

State energy policy is an important aspect to North Dakota business and energy development. North Dakota has several policies and incentives in place to attract and assist businesses to locate in North Dakota.  The North Dakota Department of Commerce has an interactive database which lists all business incentives.

North Dakota also has several other state programs and entities aimed at fostering the growth of various energy industries.  Funding opportunities are available through the Renewable Energy Council, Lignite Research Council,  and Oil & Gas Research Program.

Several incentives and programs are also available through the North Dakota Department of Commerce.

The 14-member North Dakota EmPower Commission, created in 2007 by the North Dakota State Legislature and appointed by the Governor, has been charged with the development of a comprehensive energy policy for the state.  The Commission meets at regular intervals.  Click here to learn more about the EmPower process and to view the EmPower Commission Report.