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Oklahoma talks Keystone XL

The Edmond Sun out of Oklahoma reported on the potential impact of Keystone XL in Cushing, OK; a would-be hub for the proposed pipeline. The way the plans stand now, the Keystone XL would connect Hardisty, Alberta to Cushing; then another pipeline would connect oil reserves in Cushing to refineries in Houston and Port Arthur, Texas. If the pipeline were built, Cushing would be able to send more of its own oil to Texas and would also gain 7-8 million barrels of crude oil that’s been stored in tank farms because of limited pipeline capacity to deliver it. The news article reports it’s a possibility that TransCanada will consider building just the section of pipeline from Cushing to Texas, because that part doesn’t need a presidential permit. Read the Edmond Sun article here on Oklahoma’s interest in Keystone XL.

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