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North Dakota Energy Spotlight – Solar Generation

• Verendrye Electric Cooperative has the largest solar program in the state with more than 225 solar-powered water pumps. The pumps primarily are used in pasture wells in remote areas where building power lines is cost prohibitive. The solar panels are more cost-effective for the cooperative.

• The typical cost to the Verendrye Electric member farmer is $800 for a direct-current pump and then $15 per month to lease the solar panels. Verendrye’s investment in the solar panels is around $3,000.

• In August 2011, Solar Electric Power Association ranked Verendrye Electric second nationwide in a top ten list for solar penetration for 2010. The ranking measured how many solar systems a utility provider had per 1,000 members. Verendrye has 18.8 solar systems per 1,000 members.

• Bismarck State College (BSC) installed an 8 kilowatt solar array for demonstration and educational purposes in 2011 though  funding provided by N.D. Department of Commerce, MDU Resources and BSC.

Read the full report of Great Plains Energy Corridor Spotlight on North Dakota Energy and request a hard copy here.

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