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North Dakota Energy Spotlight – Natural Gas Processing

• In 2011 North Dakota produced and processed enough natural gas to heat 2,000,000 American homes.

• North Dakota currently has 16 natural gas plants operated by various companies.

• A challenge of the petroleum industry is capturing the natural gas co-produced with oil production. One-third of the natural gas
produced in North Dakota is currently burned off, or “flared.” According to the ND Department of Mineral Resources, private industry has pledged to invest more than $3 billion dollars in additional natural gas gathering and processing infrastructure to reduce flaring.

North Dakota Natural Gas Processing Plants

Owner Company



2011 Capacity in

Million Cubic Feet Per Day (mmcfd)

Bear Paw/OneOK Stateline I Williams online with 100 mmcfd in 2012
Bear Paw/OneOK Stateline II Williams online with 100 mmcfd in 2012
Aux Sable* Stanley Mountrail converted to gas conditioning
Summit Resources Knutson Billings gas separation unit
Plains Ross Mountrail online with 50-75 mmcfd in 2013
Sterline Energy Ambrose Divide .5
True Oil Red Wing Creek McKenzie 4
Bear Paw/OneOK Lignite Burke 6
Bear Paw/OneOK Marmath Slope 7.5
Whiting Oil & Gas Ray Williams 10
XTO – Nesson Ray Williams 10
Hiland Partners Norse Divide 25
Whiting Oil & Gas Belfield Stark 30
Petro Hunt Little Knife Billings 32
Hiland Partners Badlands Bowman 40
Saddle Butte Watford City McKenzie 45
Hiland Partners Watford City McKenzie 50
Whiting Oil & Gas Robinson Lake Mountrail 90
Bear Paw/OneOK Garden Creek McKenzie 100
Bear Paw/OneOK Grasslands McKenzie 100
Hess Tioga Williams 120 (increasing to 250 mmcfd in 2012)


670 mmcfd

*Aux Sable facility has capacity to transport and process up to 110 mmcfd of North Dakota natural gas at its Chicago facility.

Read the full report of Great Plains Energy Corridor Spotlight on North Dakota Energy and request a hard copy here.

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