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Natural gas study completed by Pipeline Authority

The North Dakota Pipeline Authority has just released the final report of the natural gas production and transportation study that it commissioned earlier this year.

The executive summary of the document determines that natural gas production in North Dakota will continue to increase, even when oil production starts to taper off. The conclusion is that more gas gathering and processing capacity will be needed in North Dakota, beyond what is currently being planned. According to the study, the base-case scenario will have North Dakota producing 3.1Bcf/d (billion cubic feet per day) in 2025 . Its high case scenario estimates up to 3.8 Bcf/d of natural gas production.

Interesting to note in the report that while it was not commissioned to study oil production in the state, knowing where the oil production will be directly impacts the natural gas production. Therefore, the analysts forecasted oil production in North Dakota to reach 2,180 Mb/d (thousands of barrels per day) by 2025. In other words, more than 2 million barrels per day.

See the full report at the N.D. Pipeline Authority blog site.

The Associated Press did a story, and you can find the Bismarck Tribune article on the natural gas study here.

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