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Japan’s post-earthquake/tsunami renewable energy projects

Last year’s March 11th earthquake/tsunami left many of Japan’s nuclear plants dark. As the country evaluates the future of their 50-plus nuclear plants, they are turning to new renewable energy sectors to fill the gap. There were two articles recently highlighting options that are on the table – geothermal and biomass.

Renewable Energy World reported on Japan’s plan to use the wood debris from the earthquake and tsunami to power biomass plants. The waste, the article reports, is piling up faster than it can be used. There is one company that is already accepting debris and able to take wood that contains radiation. There is a decontamination process that removes the radiation before it’s used.

Reuters reports that there is a consortium of Japanese firms that are looking to build geothermal plants in volcanic zones, up to a total capacity of 270 megawatts. The article reports that studies peg Japan as the world’s third-richest in geothermal potential.

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