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The Energy Corridor’s New Look

Welcome to the Great Plains Energy Corridor’s fresh new look! There are lots of new things for you to check out, like:

The Great Plains Energy Corridor new logo

The Great Plains Energy Corridor new logo

  • A new annual report – Check out the Spotlight on ND Energy, which includes up-to-date information and statistics from all of North Dakota’s energy sectors.
  • A new website – Cruise around and see what you think. As always, your suggestions and feedback are welcomed, so let me know what you thinkĀ here. Also, new things will be added to the site periodically, like a cool, interactive “Energy Sites of North Dakota” map. You’ll be the first to know when it’s live.
  • An updated newsletter – Same handy news highlights, but hopefully you’ll find the new template more user-friendly and convenient for getting quick access to current statewide, regional and national energy news and events. If you like it, pass it on to your friends and coworkers to get them signed up. And while you’re at it, keep me in the loop if you’ve got news or events that I should include.
  • A new logo – We can’t make all these changes without a splashy new look!

Thanks for being a part of the Great Plains Energy Corridor family!


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