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Electric demand could triple in Williston Basin

KLJ Electric Demand

A snapshot of Williston Basin Electric Demand, courtesy of KLJ.

The North Dakota Industrial Commission held a news conference today to release the results of the electrical load growth study, recently completed by ND-based engineering firm, KLJ. Commissioned earlier this year, the results are finally in, which show that the state needs three times the current electric load over the next 20 years due to growth in the oil patch – taking the state from 971 megawatts (MW) to 3,030 MW. KLJ engineers took into account future employment estimates, population growth, housing demand, and well counts to develop their conclusions, which, according to KLJ CEO Niles Hushka in the N.D. Industrial Commission press release, validates the investment by the state, public and private sectors.

KLJ Power Forecast

The Williston Basin gets brighter and brighter over the next 20 years in this power forecast. Courtesy of KLJ.

The study executive summary and full report can be found on the home page of the N.D. Industrial Commission.

The Great Plains & EmPower ND Energy Expo is held Nov. 19, 2012, where a panel session is dedicated to discussing all the recent studies happening around North Dakota, including the electric load growth study, and the impacts it has for the state. You can see the agenda and register here for North Dakota’s largest energy policy conference.


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