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Coyote Station heating water for sale in hydraulic fracturing

Coyote Station, a power plant near Beulah, is working with Central Dakota Water Works, with which it shares a water pipeline, to heat water with steam from generating electricity. The hot water will be loaded on a tanker truck and sold in the oil patch for hydraulic fracturing jobs that typically take millions of gallons of water. The pipeline is owned by Coyote, which was overbuilt in the 1980s when plans were for two power plant units to be built, instead of the one unit that it is today. Central Dakota Water Works will sell the water in the oil patch and pay Coyote Station for its facility use.

Cold water will also be sold. The article reports this is the first instance of coal-generated steam working with the oil industry.

Great River Energy has also issued a notice to sell heated and cold water from its Stanton Station. Read the full story of the coal-generated steam and oil patch partnership in the Bismarck Tribune.

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