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A tour through the oil patch

Back when I was regularly driving through western and northwestern North Dakota, it was well before the big Bakken oil boom and typical to not see another car or truck for miles and miles and miles. There was no problem getting a hotel room, but there were problems finding an open gas station, restroom or restaurant!

Recently I got the opportunity to go for a tour and see with my own eyes how the region has changed from the typical sleepy towns and highways I was used to seeing, to the current hustle and bustle of the oil boom business. News stories have described the rough streets and road construction, the need for distribution line to bring electricity to well sites, and the building of new rail load-out facilities. I was glad to have the chance to snap a few pictures and share them here:

Oil patch road construction

Road construction near Ambrose, N.D.

Oil patch distribution line

New distribution line being strung between Epping and Spring Brook, N.D.

Oil patch rail car

A shiny new train full of oil cars, as far as the eye could see, near Epping, N.D.

Oil patch city sign

A catchy sign and small-town charm in Columbus, N.D.


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